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COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

Mental Health and Covid-19 Information and Resources

Coping During COVID

COVID Mental Health Assistance

Mental Health and Coping During the Coronavirus

Mental Health Awareness Month

Read the Latest Headlines on Mental Health News from Science Daily

The Hidden Homeless Crisis in California

Mobile homes: Many 'hidden homeless' Americans living in vehicles

Taming the Temper: Why Am I So Gosh-Darned Angry All the Time?

Mental Health Lessons Emerge from Isla Vista Slayings by Kate Pickert, Time Magazine

Prescription drug misuse remains a top public health concern

Newtown Shooting Put Spotlight on U.S. Mental Health Care -- Again

Discovery's Fit & Health Secretly Pregnant Series takes a look at the lives of women who are, for various reasons, keeping their pregnancies a secret. Watch as they balance life, family and work with the demands of pregnancy.

Red Ribbon Campaign

Santa Barbara Fighting Back Community Indicators Report: The Scope and Sonsequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in our Community.

Anger Management

National Depression Screening Day: Mental Health America

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Mental Health: Department of Veteran Affairs

Youths Living with a Veteran Father Are More Likely to Use Illicit Drugs, Tobacco, or Alcohol

Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Symptoms, Treatment and Recovery

How Trauma Affects Child Brain Development

Eco-Anxiety: Feeling concerned about the seriousness of what is taking place ecologically in the world today? Click here to read more.

National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator

Women's Health Information

Men's Health Information

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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